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at the mall

Well here I am at the bus interchange... Waiting. So I decided that I would update. Internal Assessment for IB is now over and it is probably about time that a little break was taken. Nearly decided to go to the movies today with people but after looking it some reviews of that Water Lady movie decided that it wasn't worth seeing. So... Shopping... Yay. Except I some how manage to walk directly into everyone's way and I kept going to the cashier with more clothes than I actually could afford. Went to nerdy computer market and bought an IDE adaptor for my brother because his new motherboard doesn't have a connector. We went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday lastnight. Not much else to say really. 'til next time...


4000 words! Now I just need to make it all make some sort of sense.

catching a butterfly

Explain the name you've chosen for your LJ. When finished, tag the same number of people as there are letters in your name, so that they will have to explain themselves as well.

oblemboy: Like Donal, this name also has its origins in that period of High School around about year ninerish. Some kinda skanky girls in SOSE were all "Do you have an *in low manly voice*OBLEM*\in low manly voice*" to eachother, then I repeated it to them in my oh so manlier voice and they were giggling for the rest of the lesson. From there other phrases were developed, such as "*kcshk* Houston, I think we have an *kschk* *in low manly voice*OBLEM*\in low manly voice*" and I ended up being known as Oblemboy to one of those skanky but very friendly girls.

Tagging, even though I know some of them to already be tagged by the D meister.
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calm before the storm

Hmmm, I haven't updated in ages! The mad rush of assessment does that to ya. Things just seem to be going along as per usual, which I suppose isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is extremely reassuring to know that things will probably continue as they always do but at the same time, life seems to only be getting more boring. I really hope I can get all my work done this holidays but I need to be careful not to overwork myself so much. I am way too tired lately.
Last week we saw The World's Fastest Indian at the cinemas in Manuka. I've never been to Manuka much before, it's a nice place despite coming across as a bit snobbish. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate. At the moment, I feel like I live for hot chocolate. The guy who served us was hella cute and the hot chocolates came with nougat! I ran into an old teacher, he asked what I was up to and I only needed to say that I go to Copland with that tired look on my face for him to work out "You do IB don't you?" Apparently his son did IB at Narrabundah and survived. Comforting. Tom generously gave us all lifts home, stopping on the way for me to roll down the hill at Regatta Point while everyone else just stood by and admired the Captain Cook monument. Dispersing study with outings like these make tests easily bearable.
On Saturday I ended up back at school to do a whole day First Aid course, which I passed. HUZZAH! Well I hope I passed: the booklets still remain to be marked. I ended up just walking around the school with random people who I never talk to today. I think it was just my way of recovering from the humiliation of trying to play futsal. Vinh talked me into joining the team. Why do I listen to him? I guess I just don't see much point in disagreeing with someone who suggests something, humiliating though it is, as interesting as a lunch hour of doing something active.
Oh and I got a Last.fm account recently. It's at http://www.last.fm/user/oblemboy/ for anybody who cares. Based on its recommendations I've been listening to a lot of alternative electronic music lately. Also, I've updated my LJ layout. I reckon it looks pretty sexy but the colour blue does that to me.
Last day of school tomorrow. Thankfully it has finally come. I'm going to be playing my trombone at the folk festival! I loved it last year. Mum has finally decided it is time for my trombone to be serviced too, which is excellent because rubber-bands just do not cut it when it comes to spit-valves. I'm sure I'll find the time to update in the holidays, but until then, the best of luck to everyone.

It Just Won't Do

nothing too serious

Well today was nice. It started with a big fat Japanese listening test in the morning. Thankfully, the beginners were first up, so I had a chance to do the study I didn't do the night before. Erika seemed to get it more than me but I was pretty lucky that Tomoko accidentaly handed me the sheet with the questions AND the written dialogue for the first five questions.
Then we had Chem. Most of that flew over my head. Lewis Dot Diagrams are not my forte but hey, Aidan made a giant crown and sceptor out of POLYMOD. Jenny is going to be taking a picture of her in her complete Chemistry Queen outfit for the yearbook! I should be the king though. I did, after all, create the kinky molecular theory.
Lunch involved finding out about the First Aid course I will be doing soon for CAS. I am now sitting in front of my computer completing the silly work booklet we have to do for it.
After lunch I had TOK. We were meant to be researching for our seminars but I didn't get much done. I've chosen to discuss a quote by Karl Popper, which is basically a criticism of the Scientific Method.
Then I went to coffee club. I made about two or three coffees but drank none. Robert, however, made two or three hot chocolates for me and I drank them. I reasoned it to Pete as "I need sleep!" I helped Nat find Margaret, which was good because she wants to do the 3D Animation course at AIE.
Tomorrow is a Joelly party! YAY! :-D Until then I am stuck doing homework. *le sigh*
Will they ever learn? Replacing 'My' with 'Your' isn't the sure-fire way to fix usability overnight that it pretends to be guys. *Hints that 'My' should be replaced with ''*
“…And on the 4th day, Microsoft created MSN Messenger. And it was good.” from http://spaces.msn.com/MessengerSays/
Just... no. When I have the time, I think I'll do a proper rant on how MS has managed to make Messenger so much worse than it could be.

Anyway, in other news, I'll be walking around the lake today.


You Are a Sarariiman!

Or "salaryman." Whatever. Treadmill off, treadmill on.

Most of the sleep you get is on Tokyo's extensive subway system, since you are putting in 14 hour days.

You're a workaholic who works hard for no overtime. And vacations? Forget about it.

You spend most of your trip hunting around for gifts to bring back all of your coworkers.

well that was easy

Today was that lazy, happy day called RED day. For those of you who are so not with the hip Copland jargon, RED stands for Recreational Educational Day. RED day was pretty cool, even though some people were wetted that didn't want to be so. Educational is RED day's middle name, so in the true spirit of RED-ness, here is what I learnt today:
  • I am quite sadistic when it comes to accidentally knackering some poor guy with a soccer ball. (I nearly burst out in laughter)
  • Don't trust Janine's cooking. I realise some of you enjoyed her brownies but they so weren't proper brownies!
  • Teachers put aside their differences rather easily when there is a competition against students involved. They grouped together and started conspiring against us!
  • When there is a really steep path, it is probably because there is a stair case right next to it. Note to self: next time, look for one.
  • Water bombs run out too quick.
  • Some teachers *cough*Gaelle*cough* are unaware of their powers that their authority bestows upon them. Note to self: exploit them.
  • There are a few hotties at our school ;-)


i can't stand the rain

More holiday photos. This time they are from the disposable camera I had. I'll try to refrain from any further New Zealand posts. Read more...Collapse )